ARgENTUM Les Parfum Infinis – uncover which archetype YOU are (& why the fragrances are alcohol free)

Microbiome-friendly skincare has turn out to be a should for a lot of as extra folks hunt down merchandise that help the pores and skin barrier’s personal defences ~ formulations that look after delicate pores and skin and which don’t trigger breakouts. ‘However what about perfume?’ asks the apothecary ‘the place science meets poetry’ of ARgENTUM


ARgENTUM says: ‘Perfumes usually include ethanol as a base, a supply of potential irritation on account of its unfavorable impression on the pores and skin’s microbiome. Taking the identical diligent method as they’ve with their skincare for visibly more healthy pores and skin, ARgENTUM have spent years researching and formulating their very own assortment of fragrances. Utilizing a patented course of — often called Water Plant Emulsion® that excludes alcohol and solvents from the formulation — and choosing solely the fi nest components of pure origin, les parfums infinis doesn’t disrupt the pores and skin’s microbiome. This has been conclusively proven by a microbiome evaluation research carried out by the Medical College of Lodz in Poland.




– The fragrances didn’t disturb the variety of microorganisms current on the part of pores and skin chosen for testing, which was the neck. The fragrances protect the presence of Staphylococcus epidermidis ~ a key species for wholesome pores and skin (latest analysis signifies that zits is likely to be the results of an imbalance between Cutibacterium acnes and Staphylococcus epidermidis* )

– The fragrances don’t disturb the pure steadiness of the pores and skin microbiome. These outcomes help the microbiome evaluation research for la potion infinie, the model’s award-winning silver face cream, which has additionally been confirmed to be microbiome-friendly.

– Supporting the pleasant micro organism which make up the microbiome is essential to wholesome pores and skin that’s free from blemishes and zits. As scientific analysis into the fragile pores and skin microbiome continues to develop our understanding of the physique’s immune defences, ARgENTUM continues to set the benchmark for luxurious skincare and perfume that helps wellbeing at a profound stage.’


“The ARgENTUM philosophy is to ‘uncover the sweetness in steadiness’. Which means that all our merchandise are formulated to help the pores and skin’s pure intelligence in retaining equilibrium. The truth that all the assortment of les parfums infinis is microbiome-friendly is an inspiring step in the fitting route for luxurious perfume and for wellbeing.” – Pleasure Isaacs, Founder



You possibly can discover out the extraordinary full story of how (and why) ARgENTUM was based by Pleasure on our web page devoted to the home, however in the meantime, we urge you to hunt out the scents and see how splendidly form to the pores and skin they honestly are, whereas nonetheless being long-lasting and powerfully characterful. Now, your solely quest is to uncover WHICH of the aromatic archetypes YOU will really feel most instinctively drawn to…




ARgENTUM says:

‘By embracing ourselves and the energies we appeal to, we are able to aspire to achieve a gorgeous steadiness ~ that place the place opposites align and turn out to be one. By the ARgENTUM archetypes, reveal your vitality and embody your perfume to discover this ingredient.’


ARgENTUM Discovery Equipment – Air Assortment £28 for 4 x 2ml eaux de parfums

‘As a component, air encapsulates a masculine vitality of thought and communication. Born at dawn within the crisp breath of Spring ~ air is imaginative and clever, however with out move can turn out to be stifled and merciless. Moist and heat, air symbolises a nurturing vitality that celebrates your data and concepts, the start of one thing intangible and with out everlasting kind. This brisk and exhilarating ingredient stimulates the thoughts and cuts to the guts of your quest for connection.

  • Develop into: All encompassing, balancing, beginnings
  • Creator: Inventive vitality, belief, manifestation
  • Sage: Knowledge, data, consciousness
  • Ruler: Stability, adaptability, vulnerability



ARgENTUM Discovery Equipment – Earth Assortment £28 for 4 x 2ml eaux de parfums

‘Earth encapsulates a cleaning female vitality of energy and solidity. Born at midnight within the depths of Winter ~ earth is grounded in fertility and safety, however left to harden can lack imaginative and prescient and freedom from materials issues. Chilly and dry, earth symbolises the bodily, immersed in actuality and centred in groundedness with intuitive abundance. This beneficiant and nurturing ingredient guides you to knowledge in your quest to search out nourishment.’

  • Develop into: All encompassing, balancing, beginnings
  • Everyman: Human connection, belief, loyalty
  • Explorer: Private journey, progress, studying
  • Caregiver: Soothing, nurturing, guiding



ARgENTUM Discovery Equipment – Hearth Assortment £28 for 4 x 2ml eaux de parfums

‘Hearth encapsulates a robust and masculine vitality. Born at noon within the blazing solar of Summer season ~ hearth transforms and purifies, however let free has the ability to burn and destroy. Heat and dry, hearth symbolises a forceful vitality that invitations you to pursue your ardour and ignite your creativity with energy, assertiveness, and braveness. This fierce and flaming ingredient creates change and means that you can launch what you now not want in your quest to search out steadiness.’

  • Develop into: All encompassing, balancing, beginnings
  • Magician: Highly effective steadiness, transformation, spirit
  • Hero: Self-sacrifice, strong-will, braveness
  • Insurgent: Letting go, completion, renewal





ARgENTUM Discovery Equipment – Water Assortment £28 for 4 x 2ml eaux de parfums

‘Water encapsulates a female vitality of fluidity and purification. Born at sundown within the tide of Autumn ~ water embodies a peaceable move of unconditional love, but when locked can entice anger or disconnection. Moist and chilly, water symbolises the ability of goals with their capability to stimulate therapeutic and propel the journey of rejuvenation. This cleaning and life-giving ingredient guides your feelings in your quest to really feel love.’

  • Develop into: All encompassing, balancing, beginnings
  • Lover: Self-love, connection, steadiness
  • Jester: Sense of play, overcoming adversity, entertaining
  • Harmless: Baby-like innocence, playful, trusting




Les Parfums Infinis from ARgENTUM - The Perfume Society

ARgENTUM Discovery Equipment – Les Parfums Infinis £68 for all 12 x 2ml eaux de parfums

‘Along with BECOME, our signature scent, we invite you to find the ARgENTUM archetypes ~ CREATOR, SAGE, MAGICIAN, CAREGIVER, HERO, JESTER, INNOCENT, REBEL, EXPLORER, RULER, EVERYMAN & LOVER. Twelve symbolic photos, captured in scent to mirror inherent energies widespread to us all.

By embracing ourselves and the energies we appeal to, we are able to aspire to achieve a gorgeous steadiness ~ that place the place opposites align and turn out to be one.’