Basenotes Fragrance Crossword #19 | Basenotes

It is the weekend, so it is time for the Basenotes Fragrance Crossword. You possibly can both obtain and print a pdf or strive it on-line at Solutions subsequent week.



1 Weekend Scent by 10 Throughout
5 Ami-____ : scent by Cray-On
9 Harrods’ Sixth Ground perfumery division
10 DC Fragrance retailer, ________ Shoshana
11 Tauer perfume
13 An remoted sort of Fantasy for Britney.
14 ______ du Roi. Very Early Penhaligon’s perfume
17 Jicky perfumer
20 Dubai perfumery, named for the Arabic phrases for kindness and for nice
21 See 19 Down.
22 The kind of choke carried out by Francesco Smalto
23 Jul et Mad’s entrance to heaven


1 1987 Shiseido perfume
2 D’Orsay scent named for Linden tree
3 Pefumer of Lagerfeld Basic and Lapidus Rumba
4 2014 Lalique perfume
6 Fruit usually duplicated in perfumery with components akin to Calone
7 Discontinued Boss scent
8 Italian indie perfumer
12 Perfumery co-founded by Geoffrey Nejman
15 A kind of colourful fantasy for Britney
16 Take a small quantity of fragrance from a bigger bottle
18 Paco Rabanne perfume
19 (and 21A) Alternate title for Ambergris


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